Website Security

Did you know that almost every website hack comes from your internal code being exposed? Attack vectors are blended within the lines of code that create the website you rely on, and when there is a breach in your security, your site is compromised. This is serious, and it happens quickly, which is why you need to be quick when it comes to your website security and malware security.

3 Software Vulnerabilities You Should Know About


It’s the phrase used when a security flaw is discovered in your code. Once it’s public knowledge, the hackers pick up on it and start scouring the net for possible victims.

Outdated Themes & CMS

The core of your website is made from plugins, files, and themes and these all live on your server. Any updates that cannot complete can leave your website open as a target, making it hard for you to react quickly.


Attackers will always look for common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE), and as technology has developed, malware authors can exploit code beyond your control.

Why You Need Website Security

With the number of vulnerabilities that can affect your website, it makes sense to have the right website security in place to ensure you’re not exposed for too long. Here are some of those advantages:

  • Vulnerable exploits protected
  • Over 1m businesses protected
  • No ceiling on the severity of the attack
  • Good traffic can still get through to your website

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