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Homer Hartage

President and Professional Guardian

Brooke Powell

Business Operations Director

Jennifer McCool, RN

Business Operations Director

Gena Lamorena

Assets Management and Business Development

Service Recipient Says

Honestly, if you work in healthcare and have a resident who needs a guardian I have the most amazing person, Homer Hartage. Never, EVER have I seen such love and devotion to a client in my life... it takes a lot to impress me because I have such high standards... my mind is blown. Please let him know if you should have a need for a guardian. Your client / resident truly could not be in better hands. He's simply amazing. So refreshing to see a guardian treat their client like a loved one instead of a paycheck or commodity.... I've never seen anything like it in my life... and I've been doing this a minute.

Robyn Edelstein Owner Robyn’s Referrals

Homer Hartage is extremely passionate and dedicated to providing a service to others. I have watched Homer in action over the years. He will make sure that every measure has been taking for the safety of providing a quality service to all. His kindness along with his knowledge of delivering the best healthcare services are absolutely outstanding.

Shirley Simmons CEO Abstract Expressionist Artist

There are not enough great things to say about Homer, feeling safe with him is made so easy. He is extremely culturally sensitive, always on time, and has your best interest at heart. He will work overtime just to make sure you and your family have everything they could ever want. Homer has become a part of my family and I feel so honored to know him. We are glad he is our guardian. He communicated well with the family and made sure everyone is up to date and informed. At the end of the day, he always makes the right decisions."

Leila Tiles-Lasanta Administrative Nurse Manager
Clinical Coordinator Nurse Residency Program Hudson Regional Hospital