The Aged Care Difference:​

A Full-Service Professional Guardianship Company

AgedCare Professional Guardianship Company was established in 2017. It is a corporate not-for-profit guardianship company.

“Our mission is to care and make a difference.”

Our full-service professional guardianship team includes case managers, property and asset managers, fiduciaries, registered nurse, and companion care professionals. Get greater peace of mind knowing that everything you need for your family is in one place.

AgedCare core belief is that person centered care provides the greatest benefit to those entrusted to our care.

Person-centered care is our way of thinking and providing care.  AgedCare sees the people and families using our services as equal partners in planning, developing, and monitoring care to make sure it meets their needs. This means putting people and their families at the center of decisions early on and respecting them as partners, working alongside AgedCare professionals to get the best outcome.

Let our Team Provide the Support You Need

  1. Centralization of workflow. All your needs are just moments away. When it comes to your benefits, we can handle that. Asset protection, Medicaid Trust, Medicare and Medicaid benefits applications, Veterans benefits, and more are all handled by professional Aged Care staff. Our modern automated office can handle your application from start to finish.

  2. Automation and Transferability. Our Eco-friendly office goal is to be 95% paperless. Our fully automation systems are HIPPA compliant and have the highest level of health care and financial information security. We keep your confidential information protected. Our automated systems permit the centralization of client information, transparent operation, and reporting.

  3. Transferability. Let us acknowledge the obvious, guardians are not going to live forever and sometimes they retire. This leaves families dependent on the chaotic successor guardian rules in Florida Probate Courts. This may leave your loved ones waiting months for a successor guardian. Aged Care professional staff offers continuity of care for your loved ones during this period of uncertainty. When the time comes, we will have a guardian you know, ready to step in and help. While a guardianship may still be decided by the courts, Aged Care adds certainty to uncertain times.

Professional Guardianship

AgedCare is a non-profit professional guardianship company. Our purpose is to be a resource for families by providing limited and plenary guardianship care for incapacitated persons and persons with developmental disabilities.  A percentage of all funds generated by AgedCare go to support academic scholarships.

Professional Guardians manage the daily living affairs of persons who have been judged by the courts to have lost the capacity to manage their own affairs or who are minors.  Courts appoints guardians to assumes some or all the rights of the ward to make decisions about many aspects of daily life.