case studies

At The Amazon Softwares we are proud to be rated as the best firm when it comes to developing effective websites. So whether you want a website for your business or other endeavors, we are here to help.

The benefit of hiring your web design services from The Amazon Softwares is that you will be able to work with a team of highly qualified website developers whose main aim is to ensure that your project is completed in the most satisfying way. To us, your project is of great significant and that’s why we will do anything that is within our reach to ensure that we give you exactly what you want. We are not the kind of web designers who provide services based on the amount of money they are likely to get from the project. Our aim is to make every client satisfied with what we offer them.

We will make sure that the project is handled with the amount of care and professionalism it deserves. If you want to have a site that offers great usability, friendly programming, and easy accessibility then The Amazon Softwares should be your best option. We always take our time to understand your individual needs, and then work toward fulfilling those desires. This is evidenced in the kind of results that we give. We never give pre-packaged designs. We believe in giving original and unique designs that match your needs. Probably you now want to verify the truth of this statement. Well, we have managed to provide a number of case studies that you may want to have a look at.

Take your time to have a look at some of these case studies because they are a direct reflection of the quality of our web design and services. They will also help you to check our ability to incorporate form and purpose into a single website. For instance, we have worked for tire online stores whereby we were able to give their websites an edge over their competitors. These websites were able persuade their target customers to register themselves and start placing orders immediately. These stores were also able to receive massive emails from their potential clientele with questions. With the help of our highly qualified team of web developers these stores were able to draw customers every part of the globe. Upon receiving requests from these clients for our web development services, we did a thorough market analysis to determine the right methods of improving these websites. Results from this analysis showed that some websites were receiving little traffic due to redundant flash images. These images can at times turn off the visitor completely. Our advice for the clients was to change these images and instead install optimized images. The good thing about optimized images is that they are smaller in size and can load faster. We also recommended to these clients the use of targeted, special copy as well as plenty of enticing offers to woo visitors.

The other important consideration that we gave these webmasters was to come up with plans that would help them advance their exchange rate by providing things such as online coupons, optimization of important packages and free giveaways. We also found out that these websites required the following considerations.

Optimization of page titles and tags along with the copy
Improvement of link popularity
Acquisition of better search engine rankings
Lack of special site copy

When it came to developing the websites, we offered them the best and slickest designs in the industry. We also included persuading statements such as scheduling of appointments and viewing of offers openly on homepages. The ineffective navigation functions were replaced with new ones such as Robots.txt and 404 pages that are known to give the visitor a more pleasant experience.


Once these changes were effected, the sites received better search engine optimization rankings with the number of WebPages indicated by various search engines increasing from one page to about 240. We also helped the sites to keep their rankings up by building more links. What is more, we made sure that their Meta data and copies were fully optimized to make the sites more attractive. Less than one year after these changes the stores have recorded big results. What don’t you try us and experience this for yourself.